Wannabe Porn Studs Whored For Their Cash

Wannabe porn studs were dealt a hefty blow by an ad for porn extras placed in a U.K men’s magazine. Instead of getting to shoot on film they blew a load chasing the producers.

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that an advert for “adult movie xtras” was not strictly honest in offering wannabe porn studs a substantial money shot.

The ad, in an unnamed men’s magazine, read: “Act out your fantasies on film, Earn Big Bucks. Adult movie xtras needed now! Call 08714 XXXXXX or 08714 XXXXXX xtreme-red.com”.

One disappointed punter “answered the ad and paid several thousand pounds up front”. He referred the matter to the ASA on the grounds that “the ad did not make clear that obtaining work through the advertisers would involve significant financial outlay”, and “he did not believe the advertised work was available, as he had never been given the precise details of when and where shoots would take place”.

Don’t you just feel sorry for those guys? No? Nor do I really. You can read more at El Reg.