“What? Why would I want to do that?” I hear you shout.

Picture this:

you’ve joined an affiliate program and your sponsor provides you with a hosted free site. You register your domain name, point it to your sponsor’s server then set up your free website. A few days later you think about marketing it. You visit lots of directories and send back link requests to hundreds of webmasters but everywhere you turn you see a great massive big bolder blocking your path. You approach it, inspect it and see some words written on it in BIG, BOLD RED LETTERS:

Reciprocal Link Required

You think, Mmm, O.K, I’ll put the recips in my website’s footer and when that’s full I’ll stick them in my sidebar.

So you get out your hammer and bolster and start chipping away at it.  After a few days of chipping you finally break through the last of the bolder. As it splits into two pieces you step onto the other side of the path, exclaim “Phew! That was hard work” then sit down in exhaustion. Just before you close your eyes to relax you notice all the chippings you’ve left on the path, What a mess, you think to yourself, How am I going to clear that up?

Well, how are you going to clear it up?

How to Split a Website Across Multiple=
How to Split a Website Across Multiple Servers

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