6 Funny Ads

This is so funny I just had to share it.

Can’t leave you with just one though, can I? I won’t spoil them with introductions. Here are another 5 funny ads to keep you smiling through the day…


The Coolest Guy in the World and The Dumbest….

Some gravity defeating clips that will amaze and astound you. This guy must have been brought up on Whiskers’ cat food.

Part 2

And to end the series, the funniest attempt at defying gravity ever seen on the Net. Yep it’s the one and only Afro Ninja…

That last one is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen. It’s always good to know there’s at least one guy in the world who’s sorrier that you.

Ambassador has ‘Bearded Lady’ Marriage Annulled

An Arab ambassador called off his imminent wedding celebrations and had his marriage contract annulled after he discovered that, underneath her niqab, his fiancée was cross-eyed and had a beard.

He said his mother had been lied to but we all really know that she set him up in vengeance for something he had done in his past.

via Dubai ambassador has divorce granted over ‘bearded lady’ marriage | Metro.co.uk.

How to Check For Dead Links

Don’t fret the next time you have to check a large list of links to discover which are dead and which are live, Dead Link Checker can check your list for you in next to no time.

Most regular visitors to JournalXtra are aware of the Webmaster Marketing Tools that I compiled to make it easier to submit websites, blogs and ebooks etc.. to relevant directory, ping service and syndication sites as well as to submit press releases. Websites come and go over time and so links to them expire. Every once in a while I recheck those links, hundreds of them, for activity. If I checked those links manually by clicking them one-by-one it would take me a week or two to keep those tools up to date.

One method used to check for dead links is to use software that reads a webpage or website and attempts to load each link. Such software can be set to check links on the pages to which links on the tested page lead and to further depth if required. For example, these programs will check links on page one, links on the pages lead to by links on page one, links on the pages to which the links on page two lead and so on….

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