“What? Why would I want to do that?” I hear you shout.

Picture this:

you’ve joined an affiliate program and your sponsor provides you with a hosted free site. You register your domain name, point it to your sponsor’s server then set up your free website. A few days later you think about marketing it. You visit lots of directories and send back link requests to hundreds of webmasters but everywhere you turn you see a great massive big bolder blocking your path. You approach it, inspect it and see some words written on it in BIG, BOLD RED LETTERS:

Reciprocal Link Required

You think, Mmm, O.K, I’ll put the recips in my website’s footer and when that’s full I’ll stick them in my sidebar.

So you get out your hammer and bolster and start chipping away at it.  After a few days of chipping you finally break through the last of the bolder. As it splits into two pieces you step onto the other side of the path, exclaim “Phew! That was hard work” then sit down in exhaustion. Just before you close your eyes to relax you notice all the chippings you’ve left on the path, What a mess, you think to yourself, How am I going to clear that up?

Well, how are you going to clear it up?

How to Split a Website Across Multiple=
How to Split a Website Across Multiple Servers

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Find Search Terms and Keywords in Realtime

A lot of webmasters find their keywords by trial and error. They find a subject then use a dictionary and thesaurus to locate words that might relate to it, some just guess a few keywords, and the slightly more organized use online tools to analyze the sites of their competitors and copy their keywords. They are good methods to assess keywords but they take a lot of valuable time. Wouldn’t it be better if we could locate keywords as people search for them? In realtime or as near to realtime as possible? I don’t need to see you nodding to know your answer: yes it would, it would make it so much easier to locate words that are being entered into search engines….

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Free Mediacal Icons Set

A great way to impress to impress your website’s visitors is to approach them in good clothes. The peeps at Smashing Magazine have released a set of 60 icons for use in both private and commercial websites. the set is free to download and comes with one restriction – they must only be distributed to third parties via Smashing Magazine.

Here’s a quick preview

FREE Medical Icons
FREE Medical Icons

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Better User Experience With Storytelling – Part One

Stories have defined our world. They have been with us since the dawn of communication, from cave walls to the tall tales recounted around fires. They have continued to evolve with their purpose remaining the same; to entertain, to share common experiences, to teach, and to pass on traditions.

Today we communicate a bit differently. Our information is fragmented across various mass-media channels and delivered through ever-changing technology. It has become watered down, cloned, and is churned out quickly in 140-character blurbs. We’ve lost that personal touch where we find an emotional connection that makes us care.

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How to Check For Dead Links

Don’t fret the next time you have to check a large list of links to discover which are dead and which are live, Dead Link Checker can check your list for you in next to no time.

Most regular visitors to JournalXtra are aware of the Webmaster Marketing Tools that I compiled to make it easier to submit websites, blogs and ebooks etc.. to relevant directory, ping service and syndication sites as well as to submit press releases. Websites come and go over time and so links to them expire. Every once in a while I recheck those links, hundreds of them, for activity. If I checked those links manually by clicking them one-by-one it would take me a week or two to keep those tools up to date.

One method used to check for dead links is to use software that reads a webpage or website and attempts to load each link. Such software can be set to check links on the pages to which links on the tested page lead and to further depth if required. For example, these programs will check links on page one, links on the pages lead to by links on page one, links on the pages to which the links on page two lead and so on….

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