Five-year-old took 4×4 on joyride

A five-year-old boy took his family’s automatic 4×4 on a four-mile “joyride” before crashing it into a wall, it has been disclosed.

Traffic officers described the incident as “remarkable” and said the boy and other drivers were lucky to have escaped without serious injury.

Several motorists dialled 999 after spotting a Mitsubishi Shogun being driven erratically and slowly by a small boy on roads east of Chichester, West Sussex, just after 7am on Thursday.

At around the same time, the boy’s father reported to police that his son had driven off in the family vehicle moments beforehand. A short while later the 4×4 hit a wall in Pook Lane, Lavant, and Sussex Police believe the boy had travelled just over four miles from his home before crashing.

Forgetting how tragically this could have ended… What an adventure for a 5 year old? I bet he gets a nice new electric toy car for his birthday.

More details here…


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